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What is Mediation?

Common Types of      Mediation Include:

Mediation is generally known as the settlement of a disagreement between parties with the help of a neutral, impartial third party. Mediation is a method to solve disputes without going to court and having the judicial decision from becoming a matter of public record.

\ Consumer/Merchant

\ Landlord/Tenant

\ Accident

\ Collection

\ Some Domestic Disputes

\ Home Owner Associations

\ Neighbor/Neighbor

\ Employment

\ Business/Business

\ Real Estate/Escrow

\ Insurance Claims

\ Family and Divorce

What Are the Duties of a Mediator?

The mediator is a neutral, impartial third person that has been mutually accepted by both parties of the dispute who facilitates the discussion of the parties. The mediator is NOT allowed to give legal advice, has NO stake in the outcome of the mediation and will NOT be affected by the decision.  The mediator helps the disputants explore ideas for possible solutions. The disputants, however, make the final decision by themselves. 

Benefits of Mediation Include:

Obtaining the Best Outcome:

¨ Confidential

¨ You Take Part in the Final Decision

¨ No Judgment on Credit Report

¨ Offers Better Opportunity for Long Term Relationship

¨ Cost and Time Effective Compared to Court Proceedings

¨ Greater Flexibility in Available Options

Mediation, arbitration, and small claims court is best approached when you are well prepared.  As a mediation and arbitration consultant, I can help you prepare and present your best case.  While I cannot give legal counsel, I can explain the procedure to you and let you know what to expect. I will help you organize and clarify your thoughts so you will understand why your are going to court, what outcome you desire, and what compromises you may be willing to accept.


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